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What You Can Expect  When Booking

Custom photography is an investment that lasts a lifetime.  A portrait session with ReelShutter is the perfect way to preserve these fleeting moments as unique works of art.  


Please contact us using the box below to discuss the ideal setting, styling and inspiration for your session.  Our all-inclusive collections include digital files and custom artwork, so your family can enjoy these portraits for years to come.

Initial Consultation

Prior to booking, we schedule a brief phone consultation or email exchange in order to develop a firm understanding of what you want most from your session. A successful photo shoot begins before any equipment is used, by establishing a clear vision and a plan to execute your idea through collaboration.

When you're satisfied that ReelShutter understands what you want from your photo shoot, we'll send you an invoice for a deposit of %50 of the agreed upon rate.  This deposit is non-refundable. If a scheduling conflict arises, your photo shoot can be rescheduled once. Rescheduling your appointment requires 24 hour notice.

The remaining balance must be satisfied at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled photo shoot time. Once your deposit is made, you'll receive an email detailing  how to best prepare for your shoot including things for you to consider when choosing wardrobe, and items to bring.

All ReelShutter Sessions Include:

  • The photographer's  1 on 1 time, talent and professional editing of your images.

  • Industry standard equipment and technology

  • Private online gallery for viewing 30 days.

Begin Booking Process Below:

Thank You For Your Consideration! We'll be in touch very soon!

What Happens After Booking?

All of your usable images will be uploaded to a private online folder. You can look through the images and select your favorite shots for editing and retouching. Within 14 business days your final edited/retouched images will be delivered digitally in 3 formats.


1. ReelShutter delivers images in .Tif format. This format is lossless and preserves full resolution and quality. It’s commonly used for large format printing. Most often, the file size of these images is too large for viewing on mobile devices.


2. ReelShutter delivers images in a large size .Jpg format. They are exactly the same images, but in a smaller size that can be used for standard format printing.


3. ReelShutter delivers images in a “Social media” sized .Jpg format. ALL social media platforms apply very stringent size restrictions and HEAVY image compression. If these factors aren’t taken into account when posting your pics, you can end up with terrible quality uploads. To ensure you get the very best image quality available when posting your pics online, use the images marked for social media.

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